Used Industrial Oven

Used Industrial Oven

Buying a used industrial oven can provide with exactly what you need for your project without the need to shell out the extra funds for a brand new or custom built model.

Getting a Used Industrial Oven

There are many ways that a used, second hand or refurbished oven can be beneficial to your requirements. You could be going in to business providing services and parts to the automotive industry or powder coating parts for kitchen and home-wares, a used industrial oven could be a lower cost alternative to a new system and keep much needed costs down. It could be that you are already running a company and have had one of your ovens break down, or maybe you need an extra machine to cope with increased demands.

There are a number of places to find a used industrial oven; manufacturers with online facilities can be the best way to find one. The fact that they are used ovens means they are not readily available in the way that new build models are. Companies generally only advertise used ovens as and when they happen to have them in stock, when they do advertise it is on a first come first served basis and can be sold quickly. Contacting manufacturers directly with your details of what you require and asking to be contacted when any used model comes in to stock can be a good way of getting to the head of the list.

A lot of manufacturers when re-selling a used industrial oven treat them with the same high standards as they would a new model. All products are checked to meet industry standards and some offer one year warranties and specialist engineer servicing for after sales and installation.

Due to the fact that they are used ovens; signs of wear and tear are only to be expected, loss of paint in places or starches etc. This won`t affect the ability of the machine to perform to the requirements you need.

Manufacturers Stocking Used Ovens

Listed are a few of the companies where you could get a used industrial oven, also who stock and deliver across the UK.

  • Hedinair - They stock used ovens in a range of varieties, they do not have guaranteed stock and only get ovens coming in at selected times, so you would need to keep a check on their website for updates.
  • Thermal Industries - They usually have a healthy selection of used ovens but stock is frequently changing, it is advisable to contact them with details of what you are looking for.
  • RDM Engineering - You can pick used ovens as-well as used parts from these, but once again stock is never guaranteed so visiting their site or contacting them regularly would be a good idea to keep update with what's in.
  • - Probably the best selection of used ovens around. They have hundreds in stock at any time and there is a good chance they will have the kind of oven you're looking for.

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