Types of Industrial Ovens

Types of Industrial Ovens

There are many different types of industrial oven for numerous different processes. This kind of oven allows applications to be carried out inside an insulated chamber at a constant pre-set temperature.

Choosing an oven for your requirements would depend on what it is you want to process and on what scale, industrial ovens come sizes small enough to fit on a work bench or large enough for several people to walk in and out of. All ovens come in a range of temperature settings that can be controlled depending on the process and can be powered by several sources, electric, gas, oil and steam.

Batch ovens

Batch ovens are generally the most popular types of industrial oven on the market, this is due to the range of capabilities that they have. They allow for production to be carried out in batches, started and stopped whenever required, and combine the uses of curing, drying and baking ovens. Batch ovens can be bought or custom made in a range of sizes, small sizes start from 460 mm squared ranging up to large ovens sized 4500 mm in depth.

Conveyor ovens

Conveyor oven sometimes known as continuous ovens offer the chance to process products in high volume on a conveyor belt system; this offers faster turn-around than the batch oven but does have restrictions on what size and shapes can be processed. Automatically controlled conveyor ovens can be purchased giving adjustable product feed rate mean high out-put, this would be beneficial for use in food processing and catering capacities. The range of sizes available with batch ovens aren`t available with these types of industrial oven but they can be custom built to suit many factories, shops or warehouses.

Heat Treatment Ovens

These types of industrial oven provide heavy duty heat transfer up to 700° C; they are suited for annealing and tempering of aluminium, ferocious metals, glass, copper and brass. They are valuable to the motoring and aircraft industries as they can cater to Rolls Royce and Boeing part specifications, curing ser-metal coated components is another benefit. Heat treatment ovens are available in a range of sizes.

Drum heating ovens

Drum heating ovens provide the process that their name suggests, heating the contents of industrial drums. They can be built to accommodate a number of barrels either to be placed in on pallets or in racks and doors can be styled in hinged or guillotine ways. Having a drum industrial oven custom built can suit any size you need and he heated electrically by gas or steam.

Elevator ovens

These types of industrial oven can be ideal when there is a lack of space of which to operate. They are beneficial for processes which require continuous out-put, products are carried on trays which are suspended from vertical chains. They can be heated in a number of ways up to 450° C.

There are many other types of industrial oven on the market that can allow for any process you require.

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