Conveyor Ovens

Conveyor Ovens

Conveyor ovens offer numerous industries with the ability to undertake high volumes of product processing.

What is a conveyor oven?

Conveyor ovens offer the same processes and box and batch ovens, in the way that they are heated including:

  • Drying
  • Curing
  • Stoving
  • Baking
  • Sterilising

They provide uses for companies providing products in pharmaceuticals, automotive, paint manufacture, ceramics and electrics. They can provide output for businesses that have large orders that require continuous daily processing. Food processing plants a common place that you may find a conveyor oven; you may have seen them in a local pizza shop, where the pizza would be made and placed in one end of the machine and arrive at the other side fully cooked.

Although they benefit greatly over box and batch ovens in speed of production, conveyor ovens do have restrictions when it comes to certain shapes and sizes, some products may be unsuitable.

Conveyors can be built to handle objects weighing from 1 KG to 10,000 KG, temperature is essential with conveyors as each item passing through is required to be heated at the same heat, digital temperature controls can help keep the machine running at the correct heat transfer. They can be run manually or automatically depending on the volume of orders. Running an automatic operation can determine adjustable feed rate and speed up production time considerably.

Types of conveyor oven

When you think of a conveyor you tend to think of a horizontally running belt which transports items from one end to another. There are however a wide range of different ovens in a conveyor style that offer many advantages.

  • Chain Conveyors. This style of conveyor offers the ability to process larger and heavier parts than a belt conveyor can handle. They combine the advantages of continuous processing along with the long dwell time of batch ovens. Objects are pushed along either hydraulically or electrically.
  • Carousel conveyor ovens. Carousel ovens offer the chance to have an oven with a great space saving capacity but still with all the features of a traditional conveyor. They have multiple layers which allow for the load to become a very dense pack. They are ideal for parts that need to be handled individually and can be loaded and unloaded in one spot. Rotating drum versions of the carousel conveyer are also available of the capacity for industrial drums.
  • Ferris wheel. This style of conveyor oven also offers great benefits in floor space saving. It operates as the name suggests in a Ferris wheel style, still producing the same high volume of production. Products can be loaded and unloaded in one spot and depending upon requirements can be built to have different heat temperatures in multiple zones of the process.
  • Multi Pass. These conveyors are the same as single pass conveyors in the belt style systems. The multi pass offers multiple points at where the object is heated.

Manufactures can design and build a conveyor to suit the process, heat temperature and space for all your requirements and fully install it upon delivery.

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