Box and Batch Ovens

Box and Batch Ovens

Box and batch ovens are probably the most popular and commonly used ovens across numerous applications.

What are they?

Box and batch oven provide many industries with the uses of:

  • Drying
  • Sterilising
  • Curing
  • Aging
  • Stoving
  • Annealing
  • Baking

They are a kind of furnace used for thermal processing, undertaking any of the above processes with the use of constant high heat at a pre-set temperature, heat setting range from 225° C to 450° C.

The offer the ability to process material of all different shapes and sizes which a conveyor oven doesn`t allow and in small batches as opposed to constant high volume production. Box and batch ovens give you the option to control production as and when required, starting and stopping whenever needed. Even temperature is assured inside the oven with state of the art temperature controls.


Box and batch ovens can be built in a vast range of sizes which is not achievable with other ovens. If the production requirement consists of small computer components for example you may only need a small oven, the smallest oven can be the size of a standard microwave oven at 460 mm squared. Sizes differ so much that ovens can be built to be able to drive in vehicles for the motoring trade, in fact just about any need you have for a box oven it can be built to match.

Choosing the right oven

Choosing the right oven to suit would first on depend on the process that it would be undertaking. This would make size essential, also the space you have available can impact on you decision. If you are looking to have a walk in oven with items to be continuously rolled in and out on trolleys of pallet trucks then having hinged doors could be of benefit, vertically opening doors are another option as is the ability to have manually operated or automatic doors.

You can choose the way to have your oven heated by either electric, gas, water, oil or LPG, box and batch ovens are regarded as the most economical and practical ovens to carry out processes at elevated temperatures.


If you were choosing an oven to provide parts for vehicles in the Aerospace or defence industries it would be required that the oven met NACAP (National Aerospace and Defence Contractors Accreditation Programme) requirements. This programme was set up to ensure the highest quality economic and consistent standards. As batch ovens are the most popular kind of oven used in this field it would need to be built to AMS 2750 D Certification. More and more manufacturers in the UK are building ovens to meet this standard.

Finding an oven

Finding an oven to suit what you need is now easier than ever with many companies showing their credentials online through their websites. Ovens can even be chosen and ordered online through some manufacturers as can parts and spares, services to help have an oven custom built is also available.

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