Small Industrial Oven

Small Industrial Oven

Buying an industrial oven is a big investment in your business, as there is a wealth of choice you would need to clearly know what is that you require in term of the size of your business.

Companies providing parts for aircraft and motor racing vehicles would be required to acquire large ovens due to size of components being used as would food processing plants due to large production processes.

Your business might not be on that large a scale or may not have the space to accommodate large walk in ovens. A small industrial oven may be just the job for you. Companies using smaller ovens provide for many industries such as electronics, pharmaceuticals and baking. There are several industrial ovens in smaller sizes to suit many requirements.

Small Industrial Oven Options

  • Batch ovens- These ovens are come in every kind of size. Depending on how small you wanted it, you buy one to be able to sit on a bench at around the size of a microwave oven. The largest a batch oven will be to be still classified as small is around 1000 mm sq. Batch ovens are the most popular small industrial ovens available as they combine the uses of drying, curing and baking ovens. Batch ovens are designed to process items in small batches at a time and you can start and stop production at any time.
  • Conveyor ovens- Small industrial ovens can be bought to produce constant processes in a conveyor belt style way. These ovens differ to batch ovens as they allow for higher output. Odd shaped and sized items aren`t ideally suited to conveyor ovens but for production they offer greater results. If you were looking for an oven for say a bakery shop then a small conveyor oven would be suited to your needs.
  • Top Loading ovens- A small top loading oven good be useful if you were handling heavy products that would benefit from the ability to handle via an overhead hoist.
  • Rotary ovens- These ovens are ideal if you only have a minimum amount of space available but are processing components that are of a moderate size. Regular loading and unloading of products with a small rotary oven wouldn't require too much space.

Custom Made Small Industrial Ovens

Having a manufacturer custom build your oven from scratch can be the best way to get exactly what you desire to suit your requirements. Some companies offer the help of expert designers and engineers to look at everything from available floor space to what products are needed to be processed and them build the oven to meet those needs. They can help you with how you would want your oven to be powered (electric, gas, oil, steam) and desired temperature settings and controls. Ovens can be customised to fit around any awkward shapes and tight spaces.

Having a machine custom built can also help you economically and save on carbon taxes.

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