Industrial Oven Hire

Industrial Oven Hire

The use of ovens in industrial capacities in ever on the increase allowing for many different operations such as, baking, producing pharmaceutical products or curing and coating parts for the motoring industry.

Investing in an oven can be a very expensive venture for any businesses with larger walk in oven costing over £100,000 even for a used model. This can be a lot especially if you are not using the oven frequently.

Hiring or Buying an Oven?

Industrial oven hire can be an excellent alternative to alternative to buying outright and could save you valuable money in purchase and running costs. It is important to know what your oven is to be used for and how long it is going to be needed.

If you are expanding business and are looking for an extra oven due to up-turn in orders then buying an oven would probably be the best option as it would be needed on a constant basis and should be able to earn back the money paid over time by turning out products. Buying would also be better if you are replacing an old model that had broken down but was used regularly.

If you're someone who is just starting up a company then industrial oven hire could be a way to see if an oven would be beneficial in production before you buy. Hiring over a short term would give you chance to compare oven styles. It might be that you need a batch oven for production that can be controlled, starting and stopping whenever you require, batch ovens allow for different shaped and sized materials to be processed. You may be suited to a conveyor oven if your production is going to be constant.

Industrial oven hire can also be useful if you only have the need to cover a short term production run, once production is complete you can then return it to the hire firm.

Where to Hire an Industrial Oven

There are different options to take when looking for industrial oven hire. Leading industrial oven manufacturers and sellers sometimes provide access to hire machines. They are usually used of refurbished models but still pass all necessary safety standards. Large manufacturers may have more variety than small independent hire firms, as they trade on larger platforms, they can also provide service engineers to set up and install the oven.

Small industrial oven hire companies may be found in your local area and have ovens available, it could be that they only have a selection of two or three models so you may have to shop around to find the kind of oven you need. One benefit over the larger companies is price; hire firms ran by just one or two people with a selection of several ovens may be able to offer you more competitive prices and longer term agreements.

Looking on the internet and in the local press is a good place to find firms offering industrial oven hire services.

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