Industrial Oven Gloves

Industrial Oven Gloves

Industrial ovens are used in many different industries and cater for many different trades. They are insulated chambers, with controllable heat transfer that provides heat to products at a temperature that can be pre-set. Such ovens are used in the motor trade, aerospace and defence trade, pharmaceuticals industry and many others.

Temperatures of these ovens can reach up to 700°C for certain tasks and safety must always be a priority, there are products available such as Industrial Oven gloves, goggles and protective clothing.

Industrial Oven Safety Precautions

Today`s industrial ovens are built in such a way that safety in second to none in production. They contain temperature limiting controls, insulated surfaces to prevent burning, ventilation, circuit breakers and electrical cut out switches and in the case of walk in ovens, technology to prevent people entering when the device is about to be switched on. Many machines once switched on require no need for human intervention, as the high temperatures make it highly dangerous to enter an oven whist processing, however safety precautions must be taken at all times and staff must be trained to use such machines and how to react should any emergency occur.

Ovens used in bakeries and supermarkets such as large scale batch ovens are constantly in use, processing food goods in high volumes. These ovens do require the use of Industrial oven gloves as workers are constantly needed to handle hot trays and food stuffs to and from the oven.

What to look for in Industrial Oven Gloves and Mitts

Home kitchen ovens reach temperatures up to 250° C and when handling anything, we automatically know to wear our protective oven gloves; the same is required of industrial ovens gloves when using batch ovens.

When looking to purchase industrial oven gloves or mitts it is important to make sure whatever product you buy meets industry safety standards. They must have been tested to withstand the temperatures that Industrial ovens can reach. They should be of industrial grade and also protect from steam as well as heat, gloves that contain an internal vapour barrier can be excellent at providing this. Silicone material gloves can be useful as they are anti-aging mean that one good quality pair can provide a good service. If buying silicone gloves for use with food, you should look to buy food grade gloves; these will be non-toxic to humans.

Where to buy Industrial Oven Gloves

There are plenty of online stores that of top quality gloves at reasonable prices. The best places to look on the internet would be hardware and work-ware stores. Stores that sell protective clothing and equipment usually cater for the needs of industrial oven safety equipment better than some general kitchen stores.

Online auction sites such as Ebay can be useful for purchasing gloves in individual pairs or in bulk orders, if considering this option be sure to check all feedback of sellers and most importantly make sure that all health and safety requirements are met.

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