Industrial Oven Door Seals

Industrial Oven Door Seals

Today`s industrial ovens are constantly built to the highest standards both from a safety and production and heat transfer point of view. Making sure that ovens are sealed during use helps towards the best results for safety of workforce and processing.

Industrial Oven Door Seals uses

Industrial ovens transfer continuous heat to products, having seals on doors is essential for containing that heat to allow the oven to continue working at the desired temperature. Industrial oven door seals are tested before fitting on now ovens, it is imperative that the seal can withstand the temperatures that the oven can generate this can be up to 1000°C. The fact that the seal works in the way it does minimises heat loss and provides insulation, this can save massively on running costs as-well maximise the ovens potential.


Safety is another reason industrial oven door seals are used and tested in the way that they are. In all industries ovens are requires to be started and operated by humans. Although ovens are locked and sealed during processes people are required to be in close contact with them. Any breakage in part of a seal can cause heat to be exposed at very high temperatures, a person coming in contact with this kind of heat to be instantly burned. Companies using industrial ovens should carry out regular in depth inspections all their ovens as-well as daily inspections by workers. When buying any second hand oven make sure that a qualified inspection engineer checks the system for any signs or breakage.

Repairing Industrial Oven Door Seals

Should the seal become broken in any way on an oven door it would need immediate attention and the oven shouldn`t be used until the door is fixed. If your oven is a new of fairly new product it may be still under warranty from the manufacture, this will be useful as you could have your seal repaired or have a new one fitted for free.

If your system is not under warranty of guarantee then calling out a qualified service engineer to apply a new door seal could be an option, this could also be costly.

There are products available to repair or seal any unsealed industrial oven door; these usually come in the form of tape. Tape made specifically to suit industrial oven door seals are made from durable materials and tested rigorously to have resistance to temperatures from 550° F to 2300° F.

Tadpole Tape is the market leader is heat resistant sealant tape. It is made up of a list of materials giving it unparalleled heat resistance:

  • Fiberglass
  • Vermiculite
  • Coated fiberglass cloth
  • Tacky cloth
  • InSilMax
  • InSilMax XT silica cloth
  • CerMax ceramic fiber
  • PTFE coated fiberglass cloth
  • 100% expanded PTFE

There are stainless steel industrial oven door seals also available to give good heat resistance and low heat loss. Also available is bulk fibre which has good uses in repairing small cracks that appear in seals. Good sealant products can be found online.

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