Industrial Oven Cleaning

Industrial Oven Cleaning

Keeping your industrial oven in working order is valuable to production; keeping a clean machine can be prevent breakdown, in many cases ovens fail to work purely because of the build-up of dirt and grime.

Keeping a clean oven

Products for industrial oven cleaning are now widely available and fairly priced making it easier than ever to keep on top of your oven. Using cleaners that contain the correct ingredients, many of today's cleaners consist of sequestrates, surfactants and caustic alkali that kills bacteria, takes and away burnt pieces of food, grease, oil and limescale. It is applied in a gel form which is left to soak in to the dirt for anywhere from one to ten minutes, once it has settled and got to work it can then be easily washed away with clean water.

Some industrial oven cleaning chemicals are required to be applied using protection; this is due to the possibility that any splashes of chemicals on your skin could cause a rash or in some cases burn. This is why it is recommended that you were suitable latex or rubber gloves, goggles and protective clothing when using.

If your oven is being used for food then the need for non-toxic cleaners is essential, so that the cleaner does not affect the freshness of the food in any way. Opting for an odourless cleaner is also recommended.

Vacuum of steam cleaners

Industrial oven cleaning can be helped with a vacuum system; air suction can make it an easier task for reaching any bits of dust or crumbs that can`t be reached by hand. Any flour than may cause ovens to smoke can also be easily vacuumed up.

Steam cleaning systems can leave a professional finish by providing a deep clean to all surfaces; they also come with numerous attachments to make every tight space cleanable.

Preparing an oven for cleaning

Taking the time to make some preparations before industrial oven cleaning can be of benefit; removing all trays and racks for separate cleaning is the first thing you should do. Sweep away all loose bits of debris away and then remove anything else by using a wire brush. Check around all door seals for trapped debris as this could cause heat to escape from the oven when it is in use.

Most important is to be sure that the oven is switched off and cooled down before undertaking any cleaning task.

Cleaning Companies

If your oven is quite badly soiled then cleaning can be a tough task, there are many professional industrial oven cleaning companies that specialise in this field. They can provide a service that leaves the oven free from any dirt using specialist tools and machinery.

Many firms can be found and hired online in minutes or through local press and can come out to your factory or store to carry out the clean. Having your oven cleaned professionally once every so often is advisable to keep the oven running to potential.

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