Industrial Oven Cleaning Products

Industrial Oven Cleaning Products

Keeping your industrial oven clean is essential for the machines ability to function properly, and dirt and grime can build up over time and severely affect your ovens shelf life.

Cleanliness in ovens used in use with food is an absolute must; any bacteria in contact with food can be hazardous especially if providing food for public consumption. Any contaminated food could lead to having your business closed down.

There are a number of industrial oven cleaning products on the market to keep your ovens up to scratch.

Batch and Baking Oven Cleaner

Cooking food on a constant basis daily can lead to burnt pieces of food inside the oven, as-well as build-up of grease, oil, spillages, limescale, stains and mould. These can cause bacteria which is exactly what don`t want.

Industrial oven cleaning products are required to be able to kill bacteria whilst leaving a smooth finish for continuous cooking. When buying a cleaner for your baking oven you should look for products of a concentrated mix containing, sequestrates, surfactants and caustic alkali. These chemicals are contained in most industrial cleaning liquids and gels, they guarantee to kill bacteria.

It is important to buy a cleaner that is odourless and that wipes away easily so that no traces and smells are detected on foods. Also non-toxic industrial oven cleaning products must be used in case of contact with the food process. Sodium Hydroxide can be a good ingredient for rapid action against bacteria.

Due to the chemicals required to produce industrial oven cleaning products it is advisable to wear protective clothing such as gloves and goggles in case of any product coming in contact with skin or eyes and causing reaction.

Other Industrial Oven Cleaning Products

When cleaning your oven you should be sure to use non-abrasive cleaning pads and sponges so as not to cause damage to any part of the oven or surfaces. Steam cleaning systems can be used to provide deep cleaning to all parts of the oven and come with added attachments to reach all corners that need to be cleaned.

Companies and Brands Providing Industrial Oven Cleaning Products

Oven cleaners that you would find on shelves in local supermarkets do not come in the bulk or strength you would need to clean an industrial oven. Companies offering products and chemicals catered to industry would be better suitable for your requirements.

  • Paco Systems provide a range of industrial strength cleaning products for both inner and outer oven cleaning. They are UK based and can deliver nationwide.
  • The Chemical Hut are a leading provider of heavy duty chemical cleaning products in the UK, they stock brands such as; Kodex, Ubik, Vanquish, Vegibac and Koral.
  • Click Cleaning- stock vanquish and Ubik cleaner at good prices and in five litre bottles. They can cater for bulk orders and offer discounts when bulk orders are placed.
  • Gloves n Stuff has an excellent selection of cleaning products and safety precaution wear including industry standard rubber and latex gloves required for cleaning.

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