Industrial Oven Cleaner

Industrial Oven Cleaner

Due to the high volume of output that occurs daily with industrial ovens keeping them clean is a must. Ovens that are allowed to stand building up dirt and limescale are going to produce mould and countless bacteria. This can be deadly, especially in the catering industry.

Industrial oven cleaner in catering

If you are using batch or conveyor, baking ovens in a bakery or supermarket to produce cakes, pies, bread or any other food then keeping a clean oven is essential. Constant use of the oven is going to leave burnt pieces of food along with grease, oil and grime. Any contamination with bacteria on food can put the public at risk of food poisoning of worse.

Ovens used on this scale will need to be thoroughly cleaned before each use, general household cleaners aren`t likely to be enough, industrial oven cleaner is what you should look for.

Any industrial oven cleaner when being used on ovens that contain food, have to contain certain elements. First of all they should be able to kill all bacteria; products containing caustic alkali can be useful in doing this. Sodium Hydroxide amounts of around (20%) will allow for the cleaner to be fast acting. You will need a cleaner that can be easily wiped away leaving workable surfaces as-well as leaving no odours afterwards.

Most importantly when working with food is that you buy a cleaner that is non- toxic so that it does not affect food in any way.

Available oven cleaner

There are a number of different industrial oven cleaner brands available that can provide excellent results. You will usually find that due to the amount needed because of the size of the ovens and job that cleaner is sold in 5 litres bottles or in bulk orders. Some of the best cleaner on the market are:

  • Vanquish- one of the leading brands in industrial oven cleaner. It comes as an alkali cleaning gel that removes carbonised and caramelised oils, as-well as all proteins and fats from ovens.
  • Avalanche is a good product for industrial strength cleaning. They claim to offer "Unbeatable Results with Any Oven" and come in a fume free, gel formation. The gel allows the cleaner to cling to surfaces giving deep clean and can be removed easily with clean water, Avalanche is also odourless and leaves no offensive smells.
  • Oven Mate is a cleaning gel that is painted on to surfaces and allowed to over time from three minutes to three hours depending of the severity of the surface; it is then easily washed away. When bought it comes with gloves and a brush to apply.
  • Kodex is a cleaner that contains degreasing properties which allows it to cut through grease and stubborn oil stains.


A lot of industrial oven cleaners contain chemicals that could be hazardous when contacted with skin or eyes. When applying, it is advisable to wear suitable latex or rubber gloves as-well as goggles and clothing to protect yourself.

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