Industrial Oven

Industrial Oven

When you think of an industrial oven your first thought would generally be that of ovens used in bakeries and supermarkets to bake cakes, bread and other various patisseries. Of course this would be right as these are a kind of industrial oven but these are just some of the places where these kinds of ovens are used.

What is an Industrial Oven?

Industrial ovens are used a large volumes across numerous categories in many different industries, they typically work as they say in the name, on an industrial scale. These ovens are your classic home kitchen oven on a massive scale.

An industrial oven can be built to suit the needs of any client in fields such as pharmaceuticals, ceramics, automotive, stove enamelling, paint manufacture, glass processing, powder coating and surface finishing.

They are built in a range of temperatures from around 50° C to 700° C meaning they have the capability to manipulate products such as glass and metals. They also come in a range of sizes from small baking ovens that you may see in a local pizza shop to walk in ovens used in car factories to produce coatings on car parts such as doors and bonnets.

They are heated in a range of ways, oil, gas, electricity and steam and you will find many companies to cater to your requirements and due to the nature of the work that they under take contain temperature controls and safety cut out switches. Industrial ovens have to be built to exceptional standards to meet regulations due to the dangers involved in using them.

What kinds of Industrial Oven are there?

There are many kinds of industrial oven for different purposes:

  • Curing Ovens- these ovens are used commonly to produce powder coating, which is a form of coating which you would typically see on white-wares in kitchens or on bicycle or car parts. They work by electrostatically painting the desired part and placing in the curing oven which will then produce a 100% solid coating when heated to correct temperature. This method avoids the use of traditional solvent based paints.
  • Conveyor Ovens- These ovens work on a conveyor belt system and allow you to produce a higher out-put. You can find these in many industries from food production to factory processing.
  • Batch Ovens- You may find these also called cabinet ovens. They are built in small, medium and large sizes to suit whatever business need. Small and medium batch ovens would be ideal for mould heating and resin bonding. Large batch ovens can be used to cure parts for racing cars or even aircraft.
  • Drying Ovens- You will be familiar with these ovens as kilns, although they do not reach the temperature of Ceramic Kiln which is used to make glass and pottery products. Drying ovens are used to remove moisture and generally beneficial for pre-treating and painting.
  • Baking Ovens- These ovens combine the uses of curing and drying ovens are used for most food processing applications.

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