Electric Industrial Oven

Electric Industrial Oven

When choosing an Industrial Oven for you company or business it is important that all your needs are met. Industrial ovens come in many shapes and sizes and for many purposes.

They are powered in a range of ways:

  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Steam
  • Oil
  • Water- for lower powered systems

For this article we will be focusing on the electric industrial oven.

Types of Electrically Heated Ovens

Electrically heated ovens are the most popular on the market; most ovens are available to for your requirements:

  • Batch Ovens- in all sizes, small to large
  • Conveyor Ovens
  • Drying Ovens
  • Curing Ovens
  • Drum Heating Ovens

Plus many other kinds of oven to suit whatever kind of industry you are looking to cater towards.

Electric Industrial Oven Heating

Electrically heated ovens are made up of an airflow system; the ovens will consist of a fan assisted system that recirculates air, with a bank of electric components within the airflow to provide heat to the product. The product is heated when the airflow passes over the product. There is also an alternative electric Industrial Oven heating system known as Infra-red.

Electric radiant heat will transfer heat directly to the product using Infra-red. These sometimes use a `contra flow' air circulation system, this can improve heat transfer to products which may be peculiar or complex in shape. Infra-red may not be suitable for certain materials due to the high heat it generates but can speed up work production. This form of heat transfer power can be found often in conveyor Tunnel Ovens

Electrical Industrial Oven types are generally popular for offering excellent safety features including cut out, circuit breakers, cool timers and door safety to prevent access to the heated chamber when it is processing materials.

Reasons to have an Electric Industrial Oven

Industrial Ovens can be built to be electrically powered and heated, it is an option you will be given when having an oven made for you. Prices differ when compared to other heating methods and this is something the firm who is providing you with your oven can help with.

What kind of oven you are looking for would depend on your needs for use. Conveyor oven products can be made in sizes from 1KG to 10,000 KG, if your need for processing is constant and on a large scale then you should consider whether having an electric Industrial Oven is beneficial to you. Having an electrically heated oven is going to be friendlier to the Carbon Trust Scheme than either gas or oil but might affect costs in a different way.

Temperature control is an essential part of any Industrial Oven and having an electrically heated system powered with SSR or Thyristor technology can be fitted with PID controllers which will provide excellent temperature accuracy and good fuel efficiency. You should utilise the entire latest tech when buying a boiler including air seal systems and insulated outer walls these methods provide safety as-well as cutting down on essential running costs.

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